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305th Bombardment Group
Official Website of the 305th Bomb Group (H)
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This is the Official Home of the 305th Bombardment Group
The 305th Bombardment Group, flying B-17 aircraft, flew 480 combat missions over occupied Europe during World War II as part of the 1st Division, of the 8th Air Force. This site honors and preserves the record of the group of extraordinary men and the part they played in our freedom for today.
305th Bomb Group Memorial Association

Welcome to the ''Official Home'' of the 305th Bomb Group Memorial Association (BGMA); created in remembrance of the wartime heavy bomber group of the 305th ''Can Do'', we are a Veteran and Family organization which established itself in Miami Florida during 1975. Born as a result of one particular B-17 crew who, while gathering around a dining room table informally, began to discuss the idea of maybe getting together some of the old 305th Bomb Group crowd. From that informal coming together of friends, the association quickly grew into what we have today. Since 1976, the Veteran's and family of the 305th Bomb Group have met annually at various locations within the USA, plus several distant overseas reunions in England at our former home of Chelveston. Each time, we have enjoyed good company and fellowship, remembering many friends lost in combat, and those historic and heady days of youth while fighting high in the skies above Nazi occupied Europe. The close fellowship that once held the group together during WW2 has once again flourished, even after so many years. The 305th BGMA actively seek out former Veterans of the 305th who wish to share in this great outfit once again, and their surviving family who have a desire to honor and remember a Father or Grandfather, Brother or Great Uncle.

305th BGMA
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